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Verify and Correct Postal Addresses from 240 Countries World-Wide
Our global address validation service is available not only for the US and Canada - we offer address validation, standardization and correction for 240 countries world-wide.

Postal Address Validation & Verification

With our postal address verification and cleaning service you can easily verify if an address exists and is deliverable. Whether you want to clean up the addresses in your customer database or verify addresses directly on your website, we have exactly the right solution for you.

Our postal Address Verification service allows you to validate and correct postal addresses from 240 countries world-wide.

You can test our Address Validator for free - just register for a free API key.

Address Autocomplete

Our Address Autocomplete API provides address suggestions while the user is still typing. It speeds up address entry by reducing the number of keystrokes up to 75%, improving website usability and increasing checkout conversion rates.

You can test our Address Autocomplete API here for free - just register for a free API key.

Why Choose Byteplant Postal Address Verification Tools?

Our global postal address verification service is available not only for the US and Canada - we offer address validation and correction for 240 countries world-wide:

  • International address verification
  • US Postal Service USPS/CASS certified
  • Address correction, standardization and re-formatting according to international standards
  • Address list de-duplication

More than 500,000 users worldwide rely on our products & services every day.

Address List Verification & Cleaning

Our full service automated International Address List Validation & Cleaning service cleans CRM systems and customer databases from outdated or invalid addresses and helps our customers to save money on mailing and shipping.

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Address Validation Online API

Are you wasting thousands of dollars each year on mailings and shipping products to wrong or non-existing addresses? That is the reason why many businesses have integrated our real-time address validation API directly into their websites and eCommerce applications. This allows customers to correct errors in addresses instantly and only valid addresses are accepted.

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