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Address List Cleaning

Stop wasting money on mailings and shipping products to addresses that do not exist - just upload your addresses here and we'll validate and correct them for you.

With our Address Validation service, cleaning address data is very easy: just upload a CSV file with your addresses here - the first 100 address validations are FREE!

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International Address List Validation

Our global address validation service allows you to check postal addresses in 240 countries world-wide.
  • International address verification
  • US Postal Service (USPS/CASS) certified
  • USPS ZIP+4 included FREE
  • Address correction, standardization and re-formatting according to international standards
  • Address list de-duplication
  • Rooftop Accurate Latitude and Longitude Geocoding
  • Credits do never expire

Upload your addresses as comma-separated values (CSV) files. CRM systems, databases and spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel are capable to export data to CSV.

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Validation Task Details

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Choose a unique name that allows you to identify this task.

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Select the country where your addresses are from. To validate addresses from different countries, please select the international option and make sure your CSV file contains a 'Country' column with either the country name or the ISO country code (e.g. US for the United States).

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Select the output language (local language is usually the best option). For some countries, only English and the preferred local language used by the country's postal service is supported.

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Output Charset

Select the output charset (UTF-8 is usually the best option).

Address List File (*)

Excel files must be exported to CSV first:
  • Open the file in Excel.
  • Click Menu | Save As (Other Formats).
  • Enter a name for the file and choose "Unicode Text (*.txt)".
  • Click Save.
The free trial is limited to 100 addresses.