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Address Geocoding

Turn addresses into latitude & longitude geo coordinates - our Geocoding Add-on enriches postal addresses from over 240 countries world-wide with rooftop accurate geographical coordinates.

Real-time Geocoding APIs

To use Geocoding in our Address Validation and Address Auto-Complete APIs, just add Geocoding=true in your API requests and get rooftop accurate latitude and longitude coordinates in real-time.

Batch Geocoding

To add geocoding for a large number of addresses at the same time, you can upload address data from CRMs, databases or Excel sheets as CSV file.

What makes Address-Validator Unique?

Address-Validator supports address validation, correction and geocoding for 240 countries world-wide.

  • Rooftop Accurate Latitude and Longitude Geocoding
  • Real-time Postal Address to Geo Coordinates Conversion
  • Address Validation & Address Auto-Complete APIs
  • Address correction, standardization and re-formatting according to international standards
  • Address list processing (CRMs and databases)
  • Address List De-Duplication
  • US Postal Service (USPS/CASS) certified
  • USPS ZIP+4 included FREE
  • Credits do never expire
  • FREE plugins for Wordpress, jQuery, Node.js etc
  • Easy integration through Zapier
  • Awesome support by phone, email & chat

More than 500,000 users worldwide rely on our products & services every day.

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The potential applications for Geocoding are endless, ranging from geolocation-based analytics & marketing to the optimization of logistics processes.

We make things very easy for you - you can test Address-Validator and the Geocoding Add-On with a free trial now.

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