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Address-Validator: Diagnostic Hints

Address-Validator provides detailed diagnostic hints, indicating errors in the address input automatically. This information will help you to get even more valuable insights and improve your address data quality. Below is the list of all possible hints:

  • ambg - ambiguous input (ie. both PO Box and street address supplied, but not expected for this country)
  • bign - additional info (apartment/level, building name, ...) not expected for this country
  • bldg - additional info (apartment/level, building name, ...) did not match input
  • bskp - additional info (apartment/level, building name, ...) detected but not verified in this country
  • care - c/o designator detected in address, not part of the address
  • char - some part of the input did not match the requested result character set
  • city - result locality is different from the submitted locality (complete mismatch or major typing error)
  • hnum - housenumber did not match
  • inpt - locality input fields were incorrect, but could be matched to a valid address
  • iso2 - result country ISO2 could does not match input
  • mult - multiple close matches have been found in database, suggested address may be wrong or misleading
  • pcod - result postal code is different to the postal code submitted
  • rest - parts of submitted data could not be matched to the result address
  • skip - formatted only, address is found to use a special delivery method, unable to verify in this country
  • sort - the order of input address elements has been found to be wrong (small-to-big or big-to-small input)
  • strt - result street designator is different from the submitted street name (mismatch or major typing error)
  • ward - result postal ward (state or province) does not match the submitted postal ward (state input field)

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